Please allow 3-4 hours for services to be completed. This is dependent on the business workload, your dog's size and/or condition of coat for services to be completed.​​

Flea Bath: $5-$10 (depending on size)

Nail Painting: $12.00
Paw Balm: $5.00
Spray On Art: $12.00+
Quick Fix: $12.00+ (Any trimming for 10-15 minutes)

Extra Services

To make your dogs spa day really special!

Full Groom:
Includes shampoo & conditioner, 15 minute brush out, haircut of your choice, nail trimming/grinding, ear cleaning, bandana/bow & cologne/perfume.


​​Pretty Up: 
Includes basic shampoo & conditioner, 15 minute brush out, trimming of face, feet, ears, tail & sanitary, nail trimming/grinding, ear cleaning,  bandana/bow & cologne/perfume. 

Nail Trim Walk-in $10:
We offer the option for clients to come for a walk-in nail trim. We ask to please call ahead of time to ensure your wait time is under 10 minutes, as our day may be booked with regularly scheduled appointments.

Nail Trim/Grinding(if requested): $10.00
Ear Cleaning: $5.00
Ear Cleaning/Pluck Hair: $8.00
Teeth Brushing: $5.00
Anal Glands: $9.00
Brush Out: $1.00/1 minute

​​** Extra fees may be added such as late arrival fees, handling fees & matting fees. Prices will vary depending on breed and condition of coat for all services​ **

We offer a variety of grooming services for ALL dog breeds. From bathing, to haircuts, your dog will be looking, and feeling great!

Basic Baths: 
Includes basic shampoo & conditioner, 15 minute brush out, nail trimming/grinding, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (at request),bandana/bow & cologne/perfume. 

Add a shed reduction treatment to this service for your heavy shedding dogs!

Puppy Works: $18 
Up through 5 months old Includes shampoo & conditioner, nail trimming/grinding, ear cleaning, 15 minute brush out & cologne/perfume.

Light trimming can be done for additional cost. 

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